Thursday, July 27, 2017


Every Summer, Jake and Maddie go to a basketball camp in Austin called Brandy Perryman.  It's a 4 day camp and they love it.  Last year, Jacob walked away with a few trophies.  This year, Maddie got her fair share!  I just love these videos I took of the awards presentation.  The Broxtermans were well represented!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mini vacation at Great Wolf Lodge!

The big kids have been begging us to go back to Great Wolf Lodge ever since we went to the one in North Carolina a few years ago.  Since there is one in Dallas, we decided to take a couple of days away as a mini vacation this Summer!  This one was a bit different -- it had an outdoor waterpark portion of the resort which we loved (NC didn't have that) but it didn't have putt putt golf or bowling which was a bummer for the big kids.  I was a nervous wreck with a toddler around all that water even though Dex could have gone ALL DAY LONG!  It was a quick but fun trip and gave us a little taste of vacation before our upcoming CRUISE!

One of the downsides of traveling with the baby and having everyone all in one room is when Dex decides his wake up time for the day is going to be 5:15 am.  Instead of waking everyone up, we have to escape the room and find something to pass the time.  This resort was very close to the airport which  made watching the planes land very fun!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Our little all stars

It was an exciting start to the Summer around here. Jacob made the Northwest Little League All Star 9/10U baseball team and Maddie was invited to swim at the All Star swim meet for the River Place Rapids. I have to admit that there is no lack of pride in this family for the hard working athletes that they both are.  It's so fun to watch them both pour their little hearts into whatever sport they are playing -- and having such amazing fun at the same time!

Jacob's team was also invited to be on a float in the 4th of July parade which was super fun for all the boys!  That night, we watched fireworks from a dear friend's new house, overlooking all of Austin. 

To say we are blessed, is an extreme understatement. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Mark was excited to do something outdoors on Father's Day with the kids and since it's his special day, we had to make that happen!  Maddie had been asking to go on a family bike ride for a long time but since Mark and I don't have bikes, that's been tough to do!  I researched bike rentals and found a place right by the town lake trail in Austin where we could rent bikes and easily get to the trail.  The kids were so excited!  Even Dex didn't make a peep the entire time in the baby seat on Mark's bike.  After our ride, we had lunch at Shady Grove and shaved ice!  Such a fun day celebrating an awesome Daddy.  Happy Father's Day to my sweet Dad (who constantly reminds me to keep posting on this blog!) and to my sweet Father-in-law.  We are surrounded and loved by so many awesome Dads!   XOXOXO

Thursday, June 1, 2017

End of school year celebration at Lost Pines!

Last year, on the last day of school, a group of Moms decided to take advantage of the cheap rates at a local resort called Lost Pines and celebrate the end of the year with a night away with the kids.  I begged Mark to watch Dex for me last year (he was only 3 months old) so I could take Jake and Maddie.  It ended up being 24 hours of pure bliss...hanging out with my Mama friends while all the kids ran around like crazy having the time of their lives.  It instantly became a "tradition" we wanted to carry on.  So, this year, off we went again right after school ended on Wednesday at noon -- I had the car all packed and ready to go when I picked them up.  Even despite a little rain, we had the best time just like last year.  These moms and their kiddos have become our that I cherish so dearly!  Can't wait until next year!

Here's a quick side by side of Jake and Maddie on their first and last days of 2nd and 4th grade!  WOW!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

River Place Rapids

Maddie joined swim team this year for the first time ever!  Her swim team is called the River Place Rapids (through the country club).  I never grew up swimming so swim meets are something completely foreign to me.  I showed up way early on Friday night and from the moment we got there, I was totally overwhelmed!  Hundreds of kids running around in bathing suits and swim caps so they all look the same and you have no idea which one is your kid.  They are all supposed to be "stationed" by age group and then volunteers are running around writing the events in sharpie on their bodies.  I don't know how this all comes together but it does.  All the kids line up at their designated time and it's just race after race. I've seriously never seen anything like it!  Maddie decided she would do the freestyle and the backstroke.  Since she's never participated in a meet before, she didn't have a time for any of the events to try and beat.  She finished the freestyle in 26.81 seconds (#30 out of 46 girls ages 7-8).  She finished the backstroke 44.85 seconds (#29 out of 31 swimmers).  You'll see in the videos that she's still learning how to do these strokes and we can't wait to see how she progresses this year!!  Never thought I'd be a fan of swimming but watching this meet was way more fun than I imagined! 

In this video, she's doing the freestyle and she is in lane 6 closest to the camera.

In this video, she's doing the backstroke and she is in lane 4, 2nd from the top of the screen

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Maddie's First Communion

I don't quite know how to express how special it has been to see both of our kids receive their First Holy Communion.  Maddie could not wait to get "the host" and had been counting down the days until her special day.  They prepare for it all year in second grade!  This day was made even more special by getting to celebrating it with family and dear friends. Nowadays, she can't wait to go to church just so she can get communion!  (ha - I wonder how long that will last?!)

A few days before First Communion, the school hosts a "Last Supper" where we re-enact the last supper with Jesus.  The parents wash their child's feet, then all the kids sit at a long table where they break the bread and share the "wine".  Each family was responsible for writing down a blessing for their child which other parents read aloud.  It was such an incredible, moving little ceremony that I will never forget!!