Sunday, May 14, 2017

River Place Rapids

Maddie joined swim team this year for the first time ever!  Her swim team is called the River Place Rapids (through the country club).  I never grew up swimming so swim meets are something completely foreign to me.  I showed up way early on Friday night and from the moment we got there, I was totally overwhelmed!  Hundreds of kids running around in bathing suits and swim caps so they all look the same and you have no idea which one is your kid.  They are all supposed to be "stationed" by age group and then volunteers are running around writing the events in sharpie on their bodies.  I don't know how this all comes together but it does.  All the kids line up at their designated time and it's just race after race. I've seriously never seen anything like it!  Maddie decided she would do the freestyle and the backstroke.  Since she's never participated in a meet before, she didn't have a time for any of the events to try and beat.  She finished the freestyle in 26.81 seconds (#30 out of 46 girls ages 7-8).  She finished the backstroke 44.85 seconds (#29 out of 31 swimmers).  You'll see in the videos that she's still learning how to do these strokes and we can't wait to see how she progresses this year!!  Never thought I'd be a fan of swimming but watching this meet was way more fun than I imagined! 

In this video, she's doing the freestyle and she is in lane 6 closest to the camera.

In this video, she's doing the backstroke and she is in lane 4, 2nd from the top of the screen

Monday, May 1, 2017

Play Ball!

This has been a very fun ball season for both kiddos.  Jacob was lucky to get on a baseball team again with the same coaches (our friends) from last Spring and this team has just been so fun to play with.  The coaches, parents and kids are all so amazing!  I'm usually ready for baseball season to end because it can sometimes be a grind, but this season I'm sad to see it come to a close.  Jacob has also grown a ton this season and it's been fun to watch him get better and better!

Maddie started softball this year for the same league and she's been loving it.  Now she says it's her new favorite sport (I can't even believe that's possible since basketball has been her "thing" for so long!) 

Here are some pictures of Jake and his team and videos of Jacob's best hits this season.  He struggled at the plate in the beginning but then finally found a groove.  He also pitched a great season too!

And here are some videos of Maddie's great hits this season!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Teetering Toddlers

The time from when a baby first starts walking until they are practically running is rather short, and incredibly adorable.  I've been trying to take lots of videos of Dex lately because I know this time of tumbles and teetering and Frankenstein-walking is short lived and I just want to remember him for as long as I can like this.

He is Everywhere now and into Everything.  I've noticed that the pain in my neck on the left side (from carrying him with my left arm all the time) has subsided and is nearly gone -- all because this guy is becoming more and more independent these days and is less and less carried by me.  It's bittersweet really.  I LOVE this stage.  His personality is shining through more each and every day and he just a JOY to watch.  But I see the baby in him lessening with each day and that just about breaks my heart. 

Enjoy this.  I know I will for a long, long time.

April 6th (3 weeks after his first steps)

April 11th:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mexico and Dex's first steps!

We survived another trip as a family of five!  We were SO excited to go back to Puerto Vallarta since it had been 4 years since we had been.  We decided to go back to the Grand Mayan where we had been before because we knew what to expect and what we were getting (aka lazy river, slides, splash pad, many many pools and great accommodations).  While this trip was a little bit different with a 1 year old, we still had a great time relaxing and playing.  The weather was INCREDIBLE!  The resort has gotten much bigger since we had been before so we also enjoyed exploring all of the new grounds.  I want to go back already!

On March 22nd, exactly 2 weeks after Dex's birthday and half way through our trip, Jake and Maddie were in the kids club so Mark and I were having a quiet night in.  Dex decided he was ready to let go and take his first steps!  Usually there is so much chaos going on around him, I think he felt comfortable that it was just Mark and I in a quiet room for once!  We were shocked!  Before, whenever we would ask him to walk (or if we let go of his fingers) he would immediately sit down and crawl.  Since Mexico, he's been taking a few steps on his own here and there and every day he takes a few more.  I know in a couple of weeks we will be chasing after him!

Video of Jake and Maddie coming off the slide for the first time

Here are a few videos from Dex taking his first steps.  The last one is the best!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dex's first birthday!

It's almost impossible to think that this baby is already a year old, but it's true!  It seems as if this year has gone by super fast but when I look back and think about those days before his surgery, and the days we spent just doing laps around the backyard with him in the Ergo trying to settle him down, that seems like AGES ago.  In that regard, I know we've come a long way and I can barely remember how tough those early days were.  Since his surgery, he has just changed so fast and in such positive ways, it's almost unbelievable to think that he ever went through such an ordeal.  You honestly would never know -- and even if you see his chest now, his scar has faded so much that it is barely noticeable on his sweet baby skin.  Miraculous, I tell you.

He is so stinking cute that we really can't get enough of him.  He's a handful for sure but that's just because he is moving ALL. THE. TIME.  I also know that this is a great sign -- a sign of sociability and curiosity and intelligence.  He understands so much now!  He definitely seems to be embracing the toddler stage with every new day as he becomes more and more independent.

We had his 12 month check up on his actual birthday and the Doctor was so pleased with how he's doing.  Here are his 12 month stats:

30.75 inches tall
24 lbs. 10 oz.
46.2 cm head circumference

What he's up to these days:
  • Not walking yet but close!  He can pull himself up onto anything, anywhere and cruise along and will even stand unassisted for a few seconds but once you ask that boy to walk, he sits down and wants to crawl!  Not to worry, he can always get to where he wants to go and I think he likes his efficiency at crawling.
  • He's babbling and saying a lot of "dadas" and when he wants something he points and says "eh, eh, eh" a TON until you get the point!
  • He is still on 2 naps a day.  He goes down around 9:30 am and will sleep until about 11 am.  Then he goes back down again at 2 pm but lately he is fighting that afternoon nap like crazy.  For the last few days he just sits in his crib and plays and then gets mad and starts crying.  It might be time to switch to 1 nap but it seems too early for that!
  • He goes to bed between 7/7:30 and wakes up around 6:30 am.  He's so easy to put down -- just give him is bottle and once he's done, we just say "Love you and night night" and put him in his crib with his blanket and lovey.  He goes to sleep all on his own!  We will soon tackle getting rid of the bottle but mama isn't ready to go there yet.
  • His personality is really coming through.  If he's holding something and you say "give it love", he'll lay his head on it and snuggle it.  He even gives kisses when he wants to. 
  • He is already a natural basketball player.  NOT kidding!  We have so many basketball hoops in this house it's silly really and he loves to take balls and thrown them in the baskets!  It's the cutest thing ever!
  • He LOVES books too.  He'll just hand them to you one by one to read to him.  Adorable.
  • He's not the biggest fan of food.  I think it's because he's just busy, busy, busy that he never wants to sit in a chair to eat.  Transitioning him to whole milk wasn't a problem at all but getting him to eat real food is a challenge.  He basically lives on cheese, yogurt and bananas.  We've tried giving him berries and the textures just really throw him off.  Recently we've learned he loves turkey from Rudys and County Line too!  I always have one of those pouches on hand for when we're on the go and he loves those because it's all pureed and no funky textures.
  • He waves and gives high fives when he's in the mood :)
  • He also tries to make the animal noises when you ask him "What does the cow say", however, they all kind of sound the same coming out of his mouth -- but you can tell he's trying!
  • He LOVES his baths.  Could stay in there all day.
  • He LOVES to be outside.  Sometimes he just crawls to the back door (all the doors are glass so you can see outside), stands there and just cries to go outside.
  • He's a pro at climbing the stairs.  We have gates now at the top and bottom and he just loves to climb up whenever he gets the chance!
  • He never did take to a paci.  Instead, he has this brown pony lovey that we take everywhere with us.  He shoves it in his mouth when he's tired -- just like a paci!
Happy birthday sweet boy.  We could NOT love you any more than we already do!  We can't wait to see what the next year brings!

I went in with my camera as soon as he woke up so I could document the day.  Bright light Mommy!

So I turned down the light and the flash.  Much better.

He's always got his lovey in his hands.

Mmmmm, breakfast.

Loving my new birthday shirt Nanny and Papa gave me!


Presents!  Of course it's a basketball hoop!

At the Doctor's office for my 8:30 am appointment.  Not looking forward to those shots :(

At home playing with my new toys!


Mommy clearly did NOT splurge on my cake.  It was tasty either way!

Why is everyone making such a big deal?!


Here I go.  I need to see what all this fuss is about!