Monday, May 1, 2017

Play Ball!

This has been a very fun ball season for both kiddos.  Jacob was lucky to get on a baseball team again with the same coaches (our friends) from last Spring and this team has just been so fun to play with.  The coaches, parents and kids are all so amazing!  I'm usually ready for baseball season to end because it can sometimes be a grind, but this season I'm sad to see it come to a close.  Jacob has also grown a ton this season and it's been fun to watch him get better and better!

Maddie started softball this year for the same league and she's been loving it.  Now she says it's her new favorite sport (I can't even believe that's possible since basketball has been her "thing" for so long!) 

Here are some pictures of Jake and his team and videos of Jacob's best hits this season.  He struggled at the plate in the beginning but then finally found a groove.  He also pitched a great season too!

And here are some videos of Maddie's great hits this season!

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